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The Story of the Café Racers:
Motorcycle aficionados say (and we believe it to be true), that the story of the 
café racers begins in England and has its roots in the late 1950's and 1960's 
British counterculture. The café racer is a type of motorcycle as well as a 
motorcyclist. The young and rebellious of the time wanted a personalized 
and distinctive mode to travel between transport cafés along the newly 
built motorways in and around British towns. Ultimately, they raced from 
café to café.

Café Racer Helmets:
The personalized and distinctive style of the cafe racer helmets, known as 
pudding bowls, evolved as racing from café to café became competitive. 
Racers customized their helmets and identified themselves with a symbol 
or motif: stars, targets, the ace, bumble bees to name a few. goodjoy has 
embraced the artwork on the helmets, and brought the concept to a new 
stage. We have included some of our favorite images that gave us inspiration
for this project. 

Photo origin unknown

Photo origin unknown

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Note: The information provided is not based on hard research. We have taken information from several sources, as well as from Wikipedia. We wanted to summarize the history of the café racers and not diminish the contributions that the café racer culture has given to motorcycle world, and the world of design. We do not mean to mislead or distort the facts. 

Swim and ride in good health!